Natalie S

I really appreciate the honest approach.  I was about 2 weeks from foreclosure and the other home companies pretty much disappeared.  You (Kevin) let me know right away he thought I probably owed too much to buy cash, but said there was still enough equity that I shouldn't lose it all to the bank, I just needed more time to sell it or worst case they could take over payments.  I was a little nervous as there wasn't much time and the last couple people that said they would buy just vanished.  About two days before the auction they paid all my back payments to keep it out of foreclosure which gave me enough time to sell with the agent they referred to me.  I was able to pay them back at closing and keep most of the money that was left. Instead of losing everything I was able to keep about 18,000 which helped me move on.

Instead of losing everything I was able to keep about 18,000
Natalie S

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