KDS Home Solutions Vs. The Rest!

Not only do we buy, we also provide many other services.  With all the services we offer it might be hard to see how we compare.  Below you can see an overall on how we stack up against everyone, as well as a breakdown against each individual type of company!  Click on Images to see the full comparisons

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KDS Vs Wholesale
Fast Cash Companies

a.k.a. Wholesale Companies. The majority of fast cash offers are not true buyers. Click the image for a quick breakdown on the difference between KDS and Wholesale Companies.

KDS Vs Home Buyers
Home Buying Companies

Ibuyers, Flippers and Landlords - these are actual end buyers looking to purchase your property and what they do varies greatly.  Click the image for a quick breakdown.

KDS vs. Home Swap and Specialty Lenders
Home Swap and Specialized Lending Companies

More info coming soon.  Contact us to find out more!

KDS vs. other rehab now pay later options
Rehab Now Pay for it after you sell!

More info coming soon.  Contact us to find out more!


As you might have noticed.  Each of the above types of companies have their own unique offers.  Most of them are great and have helped to bring change to the home selling and buying experience.  There is a need for each of these services but it's hard to decide which one makes the most sense.  This is why KDS does them all at no extra cost, and in many cases at a savings to you.

Using KDS allows you to get all the options in one location.  We offer access to not just our companies programs but to the competitions similar services, again at no extra cost. Because we offer all of these services and more, we aren't trying to trick you into thinking your home is worth less than it is.  You get a real valuation and real options based on those numbers.  Evaluate the numbers and see what fits you.  No Games, or Gimmicks.  No salesman trying to lock you into a contract right now.

Think of us as the glue that brings all the programs into one place for easy access.

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