Yes, we buy houses of all types and conditions.  No matter the condition we can purchase quickly.
Yes, we buy houses that are in perfect condition as well as land that is developed or needs developing.
It's possible for us to close in 3 days if absolutely necessary. If you have less than 3 days call us anyways. It might be possible to close faster or work something else out. We typically would like 7 days or more but we understand that things happen.
Our process is very straight forward. After gathering some info on the phone we will schedule an appointment to view the house. We send a local professional out that will walk you through everything. They will evaluate the house and let you know the as is value, the fixed up value and will present our cash offer as well as go over any other options that you might be interested. If you are satisfied then we will proceed with purchasing your property.
No, we aren't going to give you a low ball offer. We are attempting to make a profit but we aren't trying to steal anyone's house or rip sellers off. Our offer is based off multiple criteria. There are major benefits to our cash offer. We can close fast meaning no more payments to make. You don't have to fix anything or even clean it for that matter. No showings, so there won't be strangers roaming through your property as well. We don't put strange clauses in our contract to get us out. No financing contingencies or inspections to worry about and much more. That being said most of the time our cash offer will net you slightly less (averaging 5 % or less) than if you listed once you factor in the fees and monthly payments that you would have to make. With our cash offer you won't have to make another payment or pay any of the fees associated with selling. In some cases we can even pay more than what you would make if listed so its always worth a no obligation offer.

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We buy all kinds of houses and would love to buy yours, but our number one priority is to give you the information needed to decide what's best for you.

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