Amando and Linda

We thank you both for your excellent service.  We are very very happy to finally have that duplex sold.  We were in awe when you both came to the rescue. -------     To this day this was one of our favorites and shows whats possible with a little creativity, even if there's little time and pretty much no equity.  We did a little work at no cost upfront in an effort to get the price on it high enough to keep them from owing at closing as well as make the payments while it was listed.  Once all was said and done they were able to cover the small rehab and payments at closing, plus they still walked away with a little bit of cash.  The small excerpt above was from a very nice letter and card that was sent after they got rid of the stressful payments and were able to visit some family.  The letter and appreciation that they had can make the risky deals worth it.

Many Many thanks and more blessings
Amando and Linda

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