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When people are looking for their dream home, they usually have a certain picture in mind. From looking for a home with hardwood floors to searching for a home that has a modern day kitchen decor, everyone's taste and needs are different. However, there are some things that every home buyer has in common, and that is specific things that do not want to see.

This said, here's five things that can be immediate deal breakers.

#1 - Lots of Clutter
There are many sites online that address how to sell a home quickly. Some of these sites will provide tips and recommendations that can assist homeowners with making a fast sell. Because there are critical keys to staging a home to make a sell, people can review them to see which ones will apply to their specific situations. One of which involves eliminating the clutter. Therefore, for those who want to make sure home buyers place their homes on the top of the list of serious considerations, it is important to de-clutter every room in the home before the real estate agent starts showing it to prospective buyers.
De-cluttering does not have to be difficult if people devise a plan to work from. For example, the owner and their family may start with the basement of the home by throwing away old items that people do not use anymore.

#2 - Odors and Smells

Another major turn off for any home buyer is walking into a home that is filled with odors and smells. From the smell of dogs and cats in the living area to strong odors in the bathroom and kitchen, these are things that buyers do not want or expect to be exposed to. Which means, it is important for homeowners to do a thorough job of cleaning the home from top to bottom. Disinfecting toilets, cleaning out mold from tiles, and cleaning stains and odor from carpeting is a excellent start to getting the home ready for potential buyers to inspect.

#3 - Decor that is Outdated

When a buyer is looking for a new home, they are normally looking for homes that are up-to-date with the most recent designs and appliances. Unless they are looking for a home that is dated, they want to see items in the home from the current century that they are in. This said, when a home owner is serious about selling their home fast, they may start a home improvement project that focuses on bring the home up-to-date with innovative home security systems, updated kitchen cabinets and the like. All of which can make potential home buyers see the home as a good investment for their future.

#4 - Outstanding Maintenance Problems

Some homeowners are good with maintaining their home properly when things break down, others may not be as diligent about keeping up with the maintenance and repairs that need to be done. Unfortunately, the latter of the two practices normally comes back to bite the owner, especially when they put the house up for sale. Therefore, for those who have not kept up with the maintenance that's needed, its best to start a home improvement project that will take care of problems like broken faucets and toilets, identifying carpeting that needs to be replaced, repair door frames that lack hinges and the like.

#5 - Lavish Fixtures that Do Not Fit

Its important to note that home buyers have different taste and preferences. Which means, one man's dream may be another's nightmare. For instance, some lavish light fixtures may completely overshadow the theme of a room instead of complementing it.

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