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Showing Your Home Spanaway Washington

Tips for Showing Your Home in Spanaway Washington

When you decide to sell your home in Spanaway, Washington, you will eventually have to show it to prospective buyers. When this time comes, make sure that you engage buyers emotionally. That’s because most home buying decisions are based on emotions more than logic.

Staging your home properly will impress buyers and make them yearn to live in your home. Therefore, accentuate the positive attributes of your home and avoid drawing attention to any negative aspect of your home. After all, you will have enough time to discuss the drawbacks after signing the contract.

In many real estate markets, the agent of the buyer will visit a listing without a listing agent expecting that the seller will leave the property. Whatever the case, here are tips that will enable you to get the most from showing your home.

Give a Gracious Welcome

Prospective buyers will be guests in your house. However, make them imagine owning or living in your home. Avoid anything that will make them feel like they are intruding. Additionally, don’t expect prospective buyers to remove shoes when they come to see the house.

If possible, leave them in the house and don’t follow prospective buyers explaining amenities and upgrades to them. In most cases, buyers don’t like talking about homes in front of sellers or opening doors while the seller stands there.

It’s also crucial that you avoid hurrying or pressuring prospective buyers. Allow them to take all the time they need to view the house. To make the experience better, provide a wrapped candy bowl close to the front door and a note thanking prospective buyers for visiting.

Check Room Temperatures

If prospective buyers come to see the home that you are selling in Spanaway, Washington during a cold season, turn the heating system on. When showing your home, don’t be worried about utility bill. Make sure that you don’t make prospective buyers shiver or leave hurriedly because it is too cold.

Similarly, if it is too hot, turn the air conditioning on. Essentially, make sure that temperatures are comfortable in every room. This will give prospective buyers a reason to spend more time in the house.

Create a Perfect Mood

Light fire at the fireplace to make prospective buyers yearn to live in your house. You can even place champagne glasses and a bottle near the fireplace to make the home feel more romantic. If you are still living in the house, play soft music in the background. Turn water fountains on if you have them in your home. These will drown out noise from traffic and next door neighbor.

Basically, make sure that your home appeals to the senses of prospective buyers. You can even open windows and close blinds partially, play down scents, and encourage buyers to touch carpeting and other items.

Encourage Feedback

Leave a printed questionnaire card and pens close to the front door. You can even leave a guestbook for buyers to sign. Nevertheless, allow buyers to comment as anonymous if they prefer. Feedback from prospective buyers will enable you to know what you are doing right or wrong and improve.

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