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Repairs Before Selling

Repairs to Consider Before Selling Your Spanaway, Washington Home

When selling your home in Spanaway, Washington, there are quick fixes that you can make to enable the property to appeal to more prospective buyers. Some quick fixes pay off when you sell your home. However, there are repairs that bring better returns than others.

It’s important to note that when trying to make their homes more impressive to prospective buyers, some homeowners make unnecessary repairs. As a home seller, bear in mind the fact that not all repairs that you think are necessary will impress buyers. Nevertheless, there are repairs that will generally make your home attract more buyers.

Flooring Fixes

If your home has hardwood flooring and you want to use it to attract more buyers, have it refinished. That means if your house has carpeting, have it removed, and floors refinished. If your home has a plywood sub-floor, you can replace it with light tan carpeting. Neutral carpeting will most likely improve the resale value of your home. You can also install hardwood flooring to boost the resale value of your home. If your home has cracked or chipped tiles, fix them. You should also replace or clean grout. However, avoid installing ceramic unless you need it for aesthetic purposes at the entryway or if you want to remove carpeting from the bath.

Paint Walls and Ceilings

Buyers tend to stare at the ceilings and walls more during home viewing. Essentially, buyers look for leaky roof signs when buying homes in Spanaway, Washington. It’s important to ensure that buyers don’t see stains from smoke or grease. You also don’t want buyers to see ceiling cracks or wall ditto.

To make your home in Spanaway, Washington more attractive, apply a fresh coat of paint. Apply paint with a neutral color like light tan or gray. If you have wallpapers on the walls, remove them because they personalize your home.

If you have old wood paneling, paint it too or remove it. And if there are old popcorn ceilings that have asbestos, replace them.  

Kitchen Improvements

Kitchen cabinets and appliances are expensive to replace. However, old cabinets can hinder your home from selling. It’s therefore important that you consider kitchen remodeling. Cabinets resurfacing can be expensive. But, if you don’t want to resurface your kitchen cabinets, consider painting them with a tender color.

Also work on sinks, counter tops, and faucets. You can replace old counters with quartz or granite counters. New faucets and sparkling sinks will also make your home more appealing. Home buyers are easily put off by stained sinks and leaky faucets. Therefore, caulk these fixtures to make them more appealing to prospective buyers.


Most home sellers in Spanaway, Washington recoup the cost of bathroom renovations when they sell their homes. In most cases, new lights, floors, and other fixtures pay off when installed properly. If glass fixtures in the bathroom can’t be cleaned, consider replacing them.

Exterior and the Roof

Many people don’t want to buy homes with roofs that need replacement. Although a new roof may not increase the sale price of a home, it’s a maintenance issue. Installing a new roof will attract more prospective buyers. Therefore, work on the exteriors of your home, including gutters and downspouts.

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