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Buying Brand New Home

Useful Tips for Buying a Brand New Home

New homes are houses of choice for most modern home buyers. That’s because they come with modern features. They also allow new homeowners to customize them and they are more energy-efficient. Nevertheless, there are many things to consider when buying a home. Don’t assume that everything will be great just because the home you are buying is new. Follow these useful tips for buying a brand new home to avoid potential pitfalls that are associated with new houses.

Buy a Customized Home

One of the major advantages of buying a brand new home is that it’s possible to be involved in its planning process and construction. That means if you want a modern kitchen, you can express your needs to the architect at the planning stage. That way, you will have the house built just the way you desire. Additionally, you can select the materials that will be used to construct your home. For instance, you might want specific tiles in your bathroom or even a certain finish for hardwood floors. This customization may mean extra work because you have to research building material options and contractor’s work. Therefore, be ready to be involved directly in the customization of your home.

Know What You Want

When buying a brand new home, a look at your new place will entail taking a tour of your model home. Nevertheless, you may discover a difference between the real home that you buy and the model home after moving into the completed home. Essentially, some new home sellers include features and sport upgrades in model homes that are not standard to actual homes. Such features include superior appliances and granite counter tops. Therefore, ask questions during the tour of a model home. This will enable you to know what exactly you want and what you will get.  

Also discuss what will happen if the selected materials are no longer available and waiting for them to be shipped will most likely cause delays. Therefore, when you decide to buy a brand new home, make sure that the seller knows what exactly you want and discuss how changes will be addressed.


A second-hand home has few guarantees. Nevertheless, though you might be covered in case the seller lies or tries to conceal a defect, you are basically responsible for repairs that a second-hand home may require. Nevertheless, a brand new home should have a warranty. This warranty should require the seller or builder to repair problems that arise over an agreed period. In most cases, this warranty covers workmanship and materials. For instance, if floorboards warp, the builder should take responsibility and fix them. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that a new home warranty doesn’t replace homeowner’s insurance. Of course, new home warranties are different. Therefore, know what is covered in the warranty of your home.

Schedule an Inspection

Buying a new home is a major transaction. So, before you invest in it, hire an experienced inspector. Make sure that the inspector checks the quality of the completed work. For instance, was the home built according to the local codes? Did the builder use the right materials? Were appliances installed correctly? Mistakes happen during the building process. A professional inspection will catch such mistakes early so that they can be rectified before you move in.

Follow these useful tips for buying a brand new home to get a good deal and ensure your safety and that of your family while living in a new house.

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