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Attorney Necessary for Cash Home Sale

Is an Attorney Necessary when Selling a Home for Cash in Lacey, Washington

Any real estate contract can be complicated. Unless you are an experienced realtor or an attorney that understands contracts’ language, it’s wise to work with an attorney. But, if you want to make your home sale process easier, work with reputable cash home buyers like KDS Homebuyers.

Even when it’s an all-cash sale, it’s wise to have experts by your side when the title changes ownership. In fact, there are states where a real estate attorney is required to handle the involved paperwork. Others prefer escrow companies that are qualified to handle real estate transactions. Nevertheless, there are various reasons to engage services of an attorney or a reputable home buying company like KDS Homebuyers.

Title Records

One of the reasons to involve a real estate attorney or a reputable cash home buying company is to conduct a title search effectively and address problems that may show up. Generally, this job is done by title companies because they are experienced in analyzing title records as well as clearing clouds that may cause delays in closing of a property. At KDS Homebuyers, we know how to conduct title records search and clear clouds that can cause delays in the closing of your home.


A cash home sale deal can have similar contingencies with a mortgage bound home sale contract. Therefore, make sure that you enter an agreement with a purchase contract that can be approved in your state. Read and understand the conditions and terms of the contract. Also note the stated timeframe for the contingencies. This may not be easy if you do not work with a real estate attorney or a company that buys home in cash like KDS Homebuyers.


Home inspections can be scheduled by a home seller or a home buyer. However, they are common in home sales and their results require careful analysis. This inspection and analysis forms the basis for further price negotiation in most home sale deals. It’s therefore important that you involve an attorney or cash home buying company that understands the implications of the findings of the inspection. This will enable you to determine the amount to deduct to cater for the necessary repairs.


There are disclosures that should accompany a real estate transaction closing. It’s important that you work with an attorney to have the necessary documents verified, signed, and handed over to the buyer. If you don’t include the necessary paperwork, you can be sued even after closing.

Closing Costs

You are most likely not familiar with laws that govern closing costs payment. You may also not know your responsibilities as a cash home seller. Therefore, to avoid making costly mistakes, work with a real estate attorney.

At KDS Homebuyers, we have experienced real estate attorneys that understand the ins and outs of cash home sale in Lacey, Washington. We have bought many homes in cash across Lacey regardless of their conditions. Call us now to discuss your cash home sale in Lacey, Washington with reputable cash home buyers.  

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