How a Cash Offer for a Home in Pierce County Differs From a Financed Offer

Cash offer Vs. Financing
When you decide to sell your home in Pierce County, Washington and even put it up in the local listings, you might receive both cash offers and financed offers. If this is your first home to sell, you may wonder how a cash offer differs from a financed offer. Basically, there are things that you should bear in mind when selling a home.

Property Appraisal vs. Property Assessment- What’s the Difference?

Appraisal vs Assessment
Property appraisal and property assessment are different. However, both property appraisal and property assessment are valuation methods. They are used by real estate agents and buyers when negotiating prices and sealing deals. Both property appraisal and property assessment involve determining a property’s value.

Reasons to Sell Your House in Lakewood Washington as-is Instead of Using a Realtor

Sell House as-is in Lakewood WA
Selling your house in Lakewood, Washington as is provides a more attractive alternative to selling with a realtor or even taking the “For Sale by Owner” route. KDS Homebuyers is a reputable cash home buying company in Lakewood, Washington. We buy homes in their condition without asking owners to repair them first. Thus, you sell your home to us without spending money on its repair. Once you schedule a home assessment or valuation with us, we will make you a cash offer based on our assessment or the current value of your home. What’s more, you will receive cash for your home sale within days.

Why You Want to Live in Tacoma, Washington

You Want to Live in Tacoma WA
The state of Washington is generally one of the most beautiful, diverse and prosperous places to live in the country. Tacoma, Washington is no different than the overall statewide trend. Moreover, it is in fact, among the best and most recommended cities of WA to live, work and study in. Want to know why? Just keep on reading to find out why Tacoma WA is great and what’s there to do in this city.

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